About Namecast

Our Vision

Deliver quality services to enhance the online and offline presence of businesses around the globe.

Our Strategy

Analyze competition and execute plans with 99.9% success rate in a reasonable timeframe.

Our Motto

Quality of leads matter, and this can only come with outstanding quality content and marketing strategies.

Namecast was established in 2012 to deliver strategic, end-to-end digital marketing and advertising solutions that help companies thrive in an increasingly competitive market. At Namecast, we are keenly aware of the power of strong, value-rich customer relationships.

Over the years we have set about building comprehensive digital and print marketing campaigns which could be successfully applied to other small- to medium-sized companies. Namecast is now a leading digital marketing and advertisement company serving the Greater Toronto area. From building strategy to creating innovative and engaging designs to analyzing results and pivoting campaigns as needed, Namecast has established itself as a leader in results-based marketing and advertising.

We give you all options of advertising with unmatched quality. All campaigns are assisted by our specialists to ensure there is a possitive return on investment.
A 24/7 Advertising Agency

Every system or campaign we develop is tailored for your specific business to operate at max potential & we support 24/7.

Full hands on support

Besides documentation of all systems, we will train you how to use it properly. Even if it is as simple as wordpress.


Your sites are safer now. We utilize state o the art firewall and monitoring technologies to keep your data away from malicious scripts or intrusion.